Capsule Wardrobe Lookbook | Oct 9-15



I love the colors in this top.  The colors feel like they could cross over into my fall capsule wardrobe but the material is a very thin, chiffon type fabric so I am thinking I’ll put this one up for the fall/winter.  I could change my mind.



This outfit just screams glamour, don’t you think?  It’s my State Fair of Texas Livestock Committee Volunteer shirt and I paired it with my favorite Liz Claiborne jeans.  The orange vest?  Well that’s a one of a kind specialty item that I unfortunately didn’t get to keep.  It’s got some pizazz though…for dayyyyyysssss.



This outfit brought out a random fashion rule that I didn’t realize I had.  See those super cute leopard print shoes (Payless if you are wondering)?  Well they have that kind of light brownish color in them so I just feel like I should accessorize with gold jewelry.  But the shoes have silver pony beads and that threw me off.  Obviously I went for the gold but it made me realize that I had a rule about wearing leopard and gold…who knew.



I totally feel like a munchkin when I wear this maxi skirt but I also love it and won’t stop wearing it.



I paired this black knit vest with my teal top and I like the look.  Just trying to mix things up and keep them interesting as I transition to my fall pieces.



WooHoo it’s Friday!  I volunteered again and so I’m wearing that awesome volunteer shirt but seriously….I need to clean my TOMS.

Hope y’all had a great week!  Link your blog in the comments so I can see what you wore!

Stay awesome! ~lisa


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