Capsule Wardrobe Lookbook | Oct 23-29

Why is this pic so blurry??  Oh well…you still get the idea.  This was another travel day.  This time, traveling back home so again you know that I am all about the comfort factor.



Y’all remember I said I was going to keep this kimono in my fall wardrobe?  Well here it is! I personally think the colors are better suited for fall.  Overall we have a pretty mild winter as well so this will work well even beyond fall.


Monday:  | Boyfriend capris by JCP

Tuesday I had a couple of appointments as well as an event to go to in the evening.  I needed to wear something that would work for both so I chose a black top and my new olive green Liz Claiborne pants.

You’ll notice I have my cute new shoes on.  Those did not last through the evening because I am still trying to “break them in” and they started to hurt my feet a bit.  I switched them out for some leopard print flats.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Tuesday:  | Liz Claiborne pants

It’s WooHoo Wednesday and today and I’ve got one of my favorite a.n.a. button up shirts.  Or is it button down?  Either way this is a fav and I have it in several colors.


Wednesday: a.n.a. top | Liz Claiborne jeans

This week I paired my wine colored polka-dot tunic top from Stylus with my olive Liz Claiborne pants.


Thursday: Stylus top | Liz Claiborne pants

It’s FRIDAY! WooHoo!!  A lightweight sweater over this teal colored top and my fav Liz Claiborne jeans is a great way to end my week.


Friday: a.n.a. top | Liz Claiborne jeans

How was your week?  If you have a blog or YT channel you think I should check out then head over to my FB page, Life With A Side Of Awesome and let me know!

Stay awesome y’all!! ~lisa


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