Two New Hashtag Ideas

I love theme ideas 🙌🏽 and as I was hunting for some hashtags I came across these 2️⃣ that y’all might like. They are different than the normal ones I’ve seen and this might help y’all stand out in the crowd! These are geared more towards DS but I feel like you could make it fit what you are doing.
WIN SOMETHING WEDNESDAY 🎉 <<— Now how fun is that? I mean people like to win stuff….right? You could do a product giveaway or just a giveaway that’s seasonal or just something random. The key is to not make it too hard to get in on the giveaway and keep in mind that it’s best to grow organically through building relationships.
TRYDAY FRIDAY 👍🏼<<— This one is great for showcasing new products or if you just like to try new things!
What do y’all think 🤔 about those ideas? I was just trying to share some lesser used themes because of you are on IG and using the hashtag #flashbackfriday well there are 11,237,423 that have that same hashtag. But #fridaytryday only has 456 and #trydayfriday has 800 so it’s a lot more likely that your post will be seen if people are searching that hashtag!
And in case you are wondering, #winsomethingwednesday has 450! 🐃 <—- and that’s a water buffalo and I think we need to make that emoji a thing. 😉

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