DIY – Homemade Bath Salts

I’ve had these vintage pill bottles around in my craft room for ages and decided to finally do something with them.  Originally I thought to make a sugar scrub but it would be hard to get the sugar scrub out of the small opening so I changed the plan to bath salts.


You need:

Coarse Sea Salt – I found this on the seasoning aisle
Epsom Salt – I found this in the health and beauty aisle
Essential Oil – I used lavender
Food Coloring – you probably have some in your cupboard right now
Glass containers of your choice – I found mine at a garage sale
Embellishments to decorate

I measured out how much sea salt I had, because it was a smaller container and then added that much epsom salt.

Food coloring and you are just using this to give the mixture some color.  The amount and color you use is your personal preference.  I was going for a “pinkish” color so I added red.  When I first added it, it kind of clumped up so I had to really mix it well to coat all the mixture.

Add some essential oil to the mixture.  This step is optional but I chose lavender as it is soothing and calming.  How much you add is up to you, based on how strong you want the scent.  I then mixed it really well again to make sure it coated all the salt mixture.

I happened to have some bottles that I purchased at a garage sale but you could use any container that you like.  The bottles I used had a small mouth and I really should have used a funnel to fill the containers but I made it work.

All that is left is to embellish.  I had some stickers that I attached to the front of the bottle and then just added a ribbon to it.  Very simple and easy and they make nice little gifts!

hugs -lisa




DIY – Makeup Brush Cleaning Board

I want to show you how I made a super quick and easy DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner Board. You just need a few things:

* I also created a template to guide me as I glued onto the clipboard


I know that I need to be better at regularly cleaning my brushes but for me it was always so messy and time consuming because I didn’t have a tool to help me.  I saw a DIY on Facebook one day and then I watched several videos on YouTube and thought, “I can make that!”  So I did!

I glued dots, squiggly lines, spirals and zig zag lines onto the clipboard.  I let it thoroughly dry and then cleaned my brushes using baby wash.  It worked really well and it was easy to use.  A lot less mess than me doing it by hand.

Here’s my video showing you how I did it!


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Snowman DIY Glass Jar Christmas Craft

All you need is a glass jar, some fleece and a sheet of sticky back felt sheet in black.


Some of these measurements will depend on the size jar that you use because you will want it to be proportionate.

I cut the fleece into strips and cut the black felt into small button sized circles.  I actually used a button as my pattern for the circles.  I had originally hot glued buttons on the glass jar but they didn’t stay on.  Not sure why but I didn’t have time to figure that out so I moved to Plan B which was the sticky back felt sheet.

You can click HERE to see my Pinterest board and the inspiration piece that got this project going.

Here is my end result and I think it turned out pretty good.


If you try it be sure and leave a comment below so that I can check it out!

(((hugs))) ~lisa

DIY Jewelry Holder

I know that I am not the only one that gets lost in time when they start perusing Pinterest.    I was looking for ideas on ways to organize my jewelry, came across some great ones and then I decided a better idea was to just make my own!  And when I say “I”, I mean my husband…haha!!

Here is the inspiration piece that got my creative juices really flowing.

1 inspiration piece[2]

Look at that hand knob.  I mean just look at it!  I absolutely love, and when I say love I mean LOVE the hand knob but couldn’t find that anywhere.

But I am getting ahead of myself.

This is how I used to store my necklaces and bracelets.

It was kind of a hodgepodge mess.  You know and I know it.  But that’s okay because soon it will be really awesome.

We started planning the layout to see what size boards we would need.

6 planning it out1[2]

Trying to figure out the spacing was a little tough.  If we ever did a project like this again I would definitely space the knobs intended to hold the bracelets a little differently to give them more room.

We purchased some 1/4″ 2’x4′ MDF project panel board from Home Depot for around $15 including tax.  The knobs I purchased at Hobby Lobby for around $50 for 43 knobs.  There are definitely less expensive knobs out there so if you aren’t trying to complete this project right away you’d have more time to look and you might come up with some great options.

After purchasing the board Marvin did a test run and put a knob on the board to see if our ideas would work.

It worked!  Yea!!  The screw on the knob was too long so he had to cut down the backs but I was getting excited!

He then used some leftover bedroom paint and painted the boards.

11 painting the boards[2]

We gathered all the knobs and started installing them on the boards.  We put it together and hung it up in our closet.  It looked close to what I had envisioned but it wasn’t quite there.

Something just felt like it was missing.

17 it needs something[2]

I mean it looked okay but really very plain.

Marvin suggested putting a frame around it to finish it out.  He bought three pieces of molding for around $3.70 each and cut them to fit the boards.  We then gave them to my dad to finish out the framing.  Dad also used some scrap wood to fashion a hanging device for the back.

He made two pieces that would interlock with each other.  One goes on the back of the board and was angled down and the piece on the wall angled up.

And here is the finished product!

21 finished piece[2]

Marvin did such an amazing job.

The total cost, not including the hanging device my dad made, was about $76 or $38 for each one.  It sounds like a lot but the knobs were the biggest expense, and I bought cheap ones.  I thought that overall the cost wasn’t too bad for a custom jewelry hanger.

We’ve since added a wrought iron hook thing (I think it was for keys or something) above the left board to hold some additional bracelets.  Ironically, I am going to be downsizing my jewelry collection soon so y’all need to stay tuned and see what stays and what goes!  🙂

I hope you enjoyed this!

Stay awesome y’all!! ~lisa



Easter centerpiece


I bought this set of bunnies at Kirklands on sale and they were perfect as the centerpiece on my island.  Just added a little bit of pink netting, an inexpensive table cloth from the dollar store and some bright flowers.  It really doesn’t take much to decorate and you don’t have to spend a fortune.  Happy Easter!!

Stay awesome y’all!! ~lisa

Oh, the places we’ll go….

Is of course is a play on the title of the Dr. Seuss book, “Oh, the places you’ll go…”. 


I purchased the map a long time ago on clearance from Hobby Lobby and my plan has always been to add the quote, “Oh, the places we’ll go…” as a play on the Dr. Seuss book title.  I switched it up because the map is a visual of all the places that M and I have traveled.  A friend that has a machine that can make the vinyl letters created the quote and this weekend M put it up for me! 

I think it turned out so well!  Now to plan some more trips so we can add more pins to our map!

Stay awesome!! ~lisa

Candy snowman

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Today I took some little mini Hershey’s chocolate bars, white paper, kids gloves and a black and an orange marker and made little snowmen.

I made a template and cut out a bunch of pieces of paper.  I added the eyes and mouth with a black marker and the nose with an orange marker.  I wrapped it around the candy and taped it shut.  To make the hat I cut fingers off of a kids stretch gloves and rolled it up just a bit and then stretched it over the top of the candy. 

lifestyle blogger, craft blogger

I think they turned out cute. 

What crafting have you done lately?

Stay awesome y’all!  ~lisa