HASK Charcoal Purifying Shampoo & Conditioner


I recently tried a sample of the Charcoal with Citrus Oil Purifying Shampoo and the Charcoal with Citrus Oil Purifying Conditioner.  There are several things that I like about the products and one big thing that I don’t.

I have color treated hair so I do like that both products are non-staining and safe for all hair, natural or dyed.  The scent is nice, light and citrusy, and not overpowering at all.

This is a purifying shampoo and conditioner that uses a combination of charcoal (derived from coconut shells), lemon and grapefruit oils that is designed to cleanse, clarify and eliminate impurities from your hair and scalp.  I like that it’s does that but is gentle enough for daily use and is free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, gluten, drying alcohol and artificial colors.

After all that, what is there not to like?

Glad you asked!  I don’t like how my hair feels after using the shampoo.  It left it feeling really dry and very tangly.  Like super tangly.  I’m assuming that it is because the shampoo did it’s job of purifying and clarifying my hair.

I of course thought that the conditioner would correct that but it didn’t help.  I did leave it on for several minutes to see if that would help.  Good thing that I had my wet brush (that thing is a lifesaver!) to detangle my hair because it felt like a hot mess back there.

hugs –lisa

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DIY – Makeup Brush Cleaning Board

I want to show you how I made a super quick and easy DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner Board. You just need a few things:

* I also created a template to guide me as I glued onto the clipboard


I know that I need to be better at regularly cleaning my brushes but for me it was always so messy and time consuming because I didn’t have a tool to help me.  I saw a DIY on Facebook one day and then I watched several videos on YouTube and thought, “I can make that!”  So I did!

I glued dots, squiggly lines, spirals and zig zag lines onto the clipboard.  I let it thoroughly dry and then cleaned my brushes using baby wash.  It worked really well and it was easy to use.  A lot less mess than me doing it by hand.

Here’s my video showing you how I did it!


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Capsule Wardrobe Lookbook | Nov 6-12

Whoa!  What a week. I didn’t know what it would bring but started it off with my favorite shirt and favorite hot chocolate.


Sunday: Church tee | Liz Claiborne jeans

This outfit may not seem different at first glance but I wore my oxblood color shoes.  I *never* do that but it’s just a subtle change to my outfit to keep it fresh.


Monday: | JCP boyfriend jeans

Tuesday…Election Day.  It didn’t turn out as I anticipated but I felt pretty cute!  This is a newer top from Stylus but the thing about the shirt is it seems to always have static.  How do you get rid of that?


Tuesday: Stylus top | Leggings


Wednesday: Worthington top | Liz Claiborne jeans

On Thursday I wore a new top and a new pair of pants!  I was going to a realtor luncheon and they were giving away door prizes and I wanted to look cute.  It must have worked because I won an Apple Watch!


Thursday:  Stylus top | Liz Claiborne jeans

Friday….ahhh sweet Friday.  It was Veterans Day but in realty we don’t really have a “day off”.  Plus I also run a nonprofit that supports those with a loved one going into the Air Force *and* I create content on YouTube so the days sometimes run together.

I did get a new pair of distressed boyfriend jeans and thought Friday was a perfect day to try them out.  I really, really like distressed boyfriend jeans.  These are by Liz Claiborne and they are super comfy.


Friday: Liz Claiborne top | Liz Claiborne jeans | TOMS

That was my lookbook for last week!  Feel free to leave a comment with a link to your blog if you’d like me to check it out!

Stay awesome!! ~lisa

Capsule Wardrobe Lookbook | October 30-Nov 5

It’s another week!  And I’m back in my comfy shirt!


Sunday:  Comfy church t-shirt | Liz Claiborne jeans

Happy Halloween!  I didn’t dress up this year.  Or last year….and probably not the year before but who’s counting! ha!  Did you dress up?


Monday: St. John’s Bay top | boyfriend jeans

Comfy was the order of the day on Tuesday.  Don’t tell me leggings aren’t pant.


Tuesday: Stylus top | leggings

Now….I like this color top and have had the pants for a while but today this outfit was just not working for me.  As I look back at the pic the whole outfit looks really baggy.  I used to wear these pants with heels and now I wear flats most often.  I’ll have to think about that the next time that I wear them because I want to look pulled together and not frumpy.


Wednesday:  a.n.a. top | Worthington pants


Thursday:  a.n.a. top | boyfriend jeans | Sperry’s



Friday:  ALYX shirt | Massimo maxi skirt

So that’s what I wore last week.  How about y’all?

Stay awesome y’all!! ~lisa


Capsule Wardrobe Lookbook | Oct 23-29

Why is this pic so blurry??  Oh well…you still get the idea.  This was another travel day.  This time, traveling back home so again you know that I am all about the comfort factor.



Y’all remember I said I was going to keep this kimono in my fall wardrobe?  Well here it is! I personally think the colors are better suited for fall.  Overall we have a pretty mild winter as well so this will work well even beyond fall.


Monday:  | Boyfriend capris by JCP

Tuesday I had a couple of appointments as well as an event to go to in the evening.  I needed to wear something that would work for both so I chose a black top and my new olive green Liz Claiborne pants.

You’ll notice I have my cute new shoes on.  Those did not last through the evening because I am still trying to “break them in” and they started to hurt my feet a bit.  I switched them out for some leopard print flats.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Tuesday:  | Liz Claiborne pants

It’s WooHoo Wednesday and today and I’ve got one of my favorite a.n.a. button up shirts.  Or is it button down?  Either way this is a fav and I have it in several colors.


Wednesday: a.n.a. top | Liz Claiborne jeans

This week I paired my wine colored polka-dot tunic top from Stylus with my olive Liz Claiborne pants.


Thursday: Stylus top | Liz Claiborne pants

It’s FRIDAY! WooHoo!!  A lightweight sweater over this teal colored top and my fav Liz Claiborne jeans is a great way to end my week.


Friday: a.n.a. top | Liz Claiborne jeans

How was your week?  If you have a blog or YT channel you think I should check out then head over to my FB page, Life With A Side Of Awesome and let me know!

Stay awesome y’all!! ~lisa

Capsule Wardrobe Lookbook | Oct 16-22

This week was not going to be a usual one as I was going to be traveling.  We started off the week by going to church on Sunday so of course I wore my church shirt.  And by church shirt I mean the t-shirt with our church logo on it.  I wear it almost every Sunday and would probably wear it every day because it is that comfortable.


Sunday: Church t-shirt | a.n.a. capris

I try to plan out my outfits for the entire week so that I have one less thing to think about in the morning and this week was no exception.  So for Monday I paired one of my favorite Briggs New York tops with a black maxi skirt.  But can we take a moment for my shoes?  I mean, how cute are they?


Monday: Briggs New York top | black maxi skirt

Tuesday was a last minute prep day and I forgot to take a pic of what I wore.  I can assure you that whatever it was, it was super comfy.

Wednesday was our first travel day to Washington state and I wore my brand new tunic top from Stylus and paired it with some leggings.  When traveling comfort is key for me….heck comfort is key every day for me!


Wednesday: Stylus top | leggings

Thursday brought another new Stylus tunic top and I must say….I really, really love them!  I paired it with an olive green pair of Liz Claiborne pants.


Thursday: Stylus top | Liz Claiborne pants

It’s cooler in the Pacific Northwest and so I was able to rock out my green flannel H&M shirt.  Under it I have a white graphic tee and with it I wore my Liz Claiborne jeans.


Friday: H&M flannel | Liz Claiborne jeans

Another flannel, this time from J. Crew was what I chose for Saturday.  I paired it with some black Liz Claiborne jeans.


Saturday: J. Crew flannel | Liz Claiborne pants

Well that was what I wore last week!

Stay awesome y’all!! ~lisa


What I Wear To Travel | Travel Fashion

Comfort is key.  I of course take into consideration other variables such as the time of year I’m traveling and the length of my flight but my main focus is comfort.  No one wants to be squirming or feel uncomfortable, particularly if it is a long flight.

It’s fall (FINALLY) here in Texas so today I chose leggings because, well, leggings.  I paired it with a plum colored long-sleeved tunic top and some simple black flats.


Stylus top | Leggings | Dexflex flats

If you stalk me on Instagram then you will know that this pose is my classic OOTD pose.

I tried to get a better “view” of what I was wearing but the airport bathroom had not so great lighting.


And lastly, you can’t see this in either pic but this top is not in a petite size and I had to roll up the sleeves just a bit and then they still felt too long.  Also, the type of material was a serious static magnet.  How do you get rid of static?  It caused my hair to get staticky (is that even a word?) and I ended up just putting my hair up in a bun.

Bottom line though it was a very comfortable outfit and one I will definitely be wearing again, particularly when I travel.

xo ~lisa