Crock Pot Italian Chicken


‼️ALERT‼️ Easy crock pot dinner 🍽 recipe coming your way…

We call this dinner “Italian Chicken” 🇮🇹 🐓 and it is so super easy ✨ you will probably wonder why you’ve never tried this before.

You will need:
🔹 boneless, skinless chicken 🐔 breasts
🔹 1 large bottle of Italian dressing
🔹 cooked rice 🍚

🔺Now I use frozen chicken 🐓 and I put that in the crockpot first. I know they say you shouldn’t but that’s what I do. How many you are feeding will determine the amount of chicken you use.
🔺 I then add the large bottle of Italian dressing on top and then cook on low for 4-6 hours. I like to use a lot of dressing so if I’m making a big batch of this I will use more than 1 bottle.
🔺 I then serve it over rice and that’s it. Yes…..I know what you are thinking….that’s it?

Yes….that’s it. That’s all the steps.

And you are probably thinking BUT WAIT!! 😯 There has to be more steps!

There’s not. That’s it. I know….you are welcome. ☺️

I typically don’t serve this with any sides or anything and we use the extra juice (Italian dressing) and spoon that on top of the chicken and rice. So yummy.


Eating healthy…well, healthier…

We are trying to eat healthier around here and this is a pic of a really delicious salad we had not too long ago.  Romaine lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, a bit of pepper jack cheese and one of my favorites….broccoli slaw mixed together.  It was really yummy!  What do you like to add to your salad?


Do you like cottage cheese?


Because I am not sure that I do.  I had purchased no fat cottage cheese and despite adding cinnamon and blackberries, I still wasn’t into it.  So we bought regular fat cottage cheese and I added some blueberries this time.  Still not digging it.  I do like pimento cheese, which is a similar consistency so maybe it’s just the way I’m preparing it.  How do you eat cottage cheese?

I’ve also been really obsessed with nectarines. So much so that I hardly even remember to take a pic before I’ve eaten them all up.  And English muffins with peanut butter and bananas.  Really been loving that too.

What have you been eating lately?

Stay awesome!! ~lisa


A Visit To 1912 Pike Place

I’ve visited Seattle several times but this time I was making a point to visit 1912 Pike Place.


Without googling, do you know what this place is?  Can you guess?  I mean if you know me and know what I drink most mornings….was that a big enough hint?


Yes.  I made a trip to my hot chocolate motherland.  Now I know Starbucks didn’t invent my hot chocolate but it is oh so good there!!

There was a bit of a line to get in but it moved quickly enough.  I got up to the counter and was able to order my venti hot chocolate. 🙂


I don’t know the girl in the background but I am sure that she enjoyed the whole Starbucks experience too!  haha!!  Have you ever visited the original store?

Stay awesome y’all!! ~lisa

Go Dallas Stars!!

We have some dear friends that have season tickets to the Dallas Stars and they invited us to join them for the last game of the regular season. 

Our night began with a fabulous dinner at Mesero and then we headed to the game. 


It was a super fun night and the Stars won the Central Division with a 3-2 victory against the Nashville Predators. 

Stay awesome y’all!! ~lisa

Mesquite Marketplace is open!!


The Mesquite Marketplace is open and this year they are having it TWO Saturdays a month!  Yea!!  One of our favorite things to get is the fresh fruits and veggies.  Last year we got completely obsessed with fresh tomato and cucumber salad.  If we are feeling sassy we even will toss in some avocado!  Toss that with some zesty Italian dressing and you are good to go!


Be sure and check it out.  It’s the 2nd and 4th Saturdays from April through October in Mesquite’s Historic Downtown Square, 150 W. Main St., Mesquite TX. 

Stay awesome y’all!! ~lisa