ZzzQuil Sleep-Aid Review


I tried ZzzQuil™ Sleep-Aid from the makers of Vicks NyQuil™ the other night.  I typically will wake up several times a night just thinking about things like what I need to do the next day.  I was hoping that by taking these 2 ZzzQuil™ LiquiCaps would help me have a more restful nights sleep.

I went to bed around my usual time of 10:15 p.m. after taking the ZzzQuil™ with a glass of water.  I also have a FitBit™ so I knew that it would help me track my sleep.  Here’s a snapshot of my sleep quality from that evening.


Now the initial restless/awake time was somewhat normal.  I did not feel like the ZzzQuil™ helped me fall asleep any faster than not taking it.

What was interesting though is the additional restless and awake periods I experienced.  My expectation was that I would sleep through the night and possibly only wake to use the restroom but as you can see, that was not the case.  I was actually restless and awake a little more than usual.

Based on my personal experience though, it’s not a product I would recommend.  The product did come with a $2 coupon inside so I am tempted to purchase the product so that I can try it again to see if I have a different experience.

Have you ever tried this?  Did it help you have a better night’s sleep?

Stay awesome y’all!! ~lisa

*I received this product complimentary for testing purposes.  All thoughts are my honest and own true opinions.

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R Tacos and Krispy Kreme….yummy

Our afternoon started off by showing some houses to a client….


We then met up with Carrie and Gavin for some delicious tacos at R Tacos!



We headed to the mall for a bit but our tummies still needed something yummy and the light was on so…….


This was our first time and when the light is on….you get a FREE doughnut!!



What fun things did y’all do today?

Stay awesome y’all!! ~lisa

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NARS Audacious Mascara Review

I tried out the NARS Audacious Mascara today in Black Moon 3871. 

beauty blogger, lifestyle blogger, fashion blogger

The first thing I noticed, and was concerned about, was the brush.

beauty blogger, lifestyle blogger, fashion blogger

The brush was not full like I usually prefer.  And this will seem weird to be in a review, but the sound it makes when you pull the wand out of the tube creeps me out.  Kind of like the sound your nails make when scratching a chalkboard.  Pull the wand out and you’ll see what I mean.  Maybe it’s just me. 

Once I got past the sound that the wand made, I did find that the mascara went on well.  The coverage was great and my lashes looked full.  When I tried to apply a second coat a few minutes later though, my lashes felt like the mascara had dried out.

All in all the NARS Audacious Mascara was not one of my top favs butwould work fine if you aren’t intending to do multiple coats. 

Have you tried it?

Stay awesome y’all!! ~lisa

Clinique High Impact Mascara

I tried out the High Impact Mascara from Clinique in the color 01 BLACK and I love it!

beauty blogger, lifestyle blogger, fashion blogger

It goes on great with no clumping.  It separates the lashes for a full lash look. 

beauty blogger, lifestyle blogger, fashion blogger

I also really like how it doesn’t feel dried out so you can apply multiple coats.  I will definitely be considering this when I need to purchase some more mascara!

What is your favorite mascara?

Stay awesome y’all!! ~lisa

My Beauty Blender Blotterazzi Review

I bought the new Beauty Blender Blotterazzi today at Sephora. 


I’ve already tried it out and I like it. 

End of review.

Just kidding….I had seen a review of this by Bunny, aka grav3yardgirl on youtube and knew I wanted to try it.  I have really oily skin and those oil blotting tissues are expensive! 

blotterazzi and cleanser

The Blotterazzi comes with two pink reusable sponges, a sample of their cleansing solution and a cute little compact with a mirror to hold the sponge.

compact with mirror

I used it today and noted that on the directions it says to: Place prominent bottom half of blotterazzi gently against larger areas of the face (ie T-zone, cheeks, or chin) to absorb shine and maintain a flawless finish on existing makeup. 

Now just placing it gently wasn’t really doing anything.  I blotted a little harder and I also gently wiped and it really did seem to take away the oil. 

I think you can buy oil blotting tissues for $4-$7 and depending on the brand you get will depend on how many sheets are in there but when I buy them I use them so sparingly that they do end up lasting me for forever.  But then I still have oily skin so what was the point of buying something and not using it?  I think I have a hang up about throwing it away versus the blotterazzi which is a reusable product.  And of course that could just be my random logic that I am using to justify the purchase?  haha!

Even my new little princess approves 🙂


Stay awesome y’all!! ~lisa

My Review of Tony’s Meat-Trio Pizza

I received my free coupon from BzzAgent to try out Tony’s Meat-Trio Pizzeria Style Crust Pizza.

tonys pizza

I prefer “fresh” pizza but do enjoy a frozen pizza every now and then.  I find that frozen pizzas typically do not have enough meet or cheese on them so we always embellish them with additional pepperoni’s and cheese.  This pizza was no exception.  I believe I added about 5-8 pepperoni’s and sprinkled some additional cheese.  I didn’t go overboard with it though, as you can see.

uncooked pizza

We baked the pizza according to the directions but…

baking instructions

Our pizza turned out a bit “dark” around the edges. 

dark edges

Despite the darker edges the pizza was fine.  While it wasn’t the best pizza I’ve ever had, it was tasty. 


It was not overly greasy and had a nice crust to it.


And it is a product I’d buy again…especially if it was on sale.  I like to have some quick and easy meal options for those days when cooking a full dinner is not possible.


And even Ben, the traveling ninja, had to check out the pizza because you know ninja turtles love pizza.


Have you tried Tony’s pizza lately?

Stay awesome y’all!! ~lisa

My 365 Photo A Day Project – Day 131 – Lip service…..

I tried out the Failbait Urban Decay Revolution High-Color Lipgloss today. 

failbait urban decay lipgloss

I have decided….

failbait on

I am not really a lipgloss kind of gal.

The color was very natural looking and although it didn’t seem to last very long it is a great neutral color.  I just don’t like how it feels “sticky”. 

Are you a lipgloss kind of person?

Stay awesome y’all!! ~lisa