Never Have I Ever….


Marvin and I did a video and it was a tag/collaboration called, Never Have I Ever….  I have so much fun with him and he’s always so willing to play along with my crazy ideas.  Here’s the link if you’d like to check it out:  Never Have I Ever

Stay awesome y’all!! ~lisa


Hey y’all….

and welcome to Hot Chocolate Chat.


That’s basically what I say when I start my daily chat videos…haha!   When I saw this cup in Hobby Lobby that is what I thought of.  If I drank my hot chocolate out of a regular cup I would so buy this.  Or really it makes me think, hey…I can make that.  But I probably never will so yeah, instead of thinking about that you should check out my YouTube Channel.  Seriously – here’s the link and everything {{ CLICK HERE }}.  🙂

Stay awesome y’all!! ~lisa





My YouTube Channel–Side of Awesome!

Yep!  This year I am trying something new….I am trying vlogging.  It would mean a lot if you could please, pretty please with sugar on top, subscribe to my channel. 

I am trying to grow it to 150 subscribers by the end of February and I need help in getting my channel out there, getting folks to hit that subscribe button and getting folks to share with their friends!  I’ll be expanding my channel to include beauty product reviews, challenges, and of course my Hot Chocolate Chat! 

Can you help?  Here’s the link: Side of Awesome

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